Making a More Accessible Borough

People with disabilities deserve equal access to all areas of the Bronx. I will fight to make sure we take continued steps to make our borough more accessible.

I will continue my advocacy for ADA-accessible subway stations and improved transportation accessibility on our trains and buses. Our infrastructure is aging and we must modernize our mass transit system with the latest technology that is truly accessible for all.

I also hope to increase the development of supported apartments for people with disabilities. Currently, the projects for individuals with disabilities in new housing construction is only 5 percent, which should be increased to reflect the important need and demand for more permanent, affordable housing opportunities. As Borough President, we will work with the new Administration on prioritizing the set-aside units in new construction projects for individuals with disabilities.

We also must acknowledge the ablist tendencies in our civic participation system. The discussions on our Community Boards should reflect the totality of all the issues that confront our residents in their daily lives. We live in a democracy, which means everyone has the right to voice their opinion and advocate for solutions to the problems that affect them.  Our Community Boards and public forums should nourish the spirit of participatory democracy. We must continue to promote greater inclusion and participation in our political process. As a united community, we will help uplift one another and reach our communal objective of being a more just and equitable society. I will make it a priority to create forums and platforms for people of all needs, ultimately empowering each resident and promoting inclusivity in politics. As a Council Member, I supported legislation to lower the age to join Community Boards to 16 and most recently, supported efforts to ensure that our Precinct Councils have youth representatives actively engaged in monthly meetings.

My office will work with the disabled community to develop a comprehensive, cohesive public campaign. I will rely on experts and past successes to guide my initiatives that will ameliorate problems affecting the disability community.