Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

We have seen the inequality that continues to exist in our criminal justice system. In the City Council, I’ve worked to support the NYPD with new community policing models and usher in new reforms to increase transparency and hold police officers accountable. We must continue to redefine public safety and identify creative ways to work with all stakeholders and the NYPD while keeping our streets safe for residents and families.

Expanding the Crisis Management System

It is crucial that we look at all the elements of public safety in the Bronx. While working closely with the NYPD who serve our Borough, protect residents and keep us safe, we must also make further investments in the NYC Crisis Management System.  We believe in addressing the ongoing plaque of gun violence through the lens of a healthcare perspective.  Anti-gun violence organizations are grassroots community partners who give our young adults a chance at building college and careers, employment and mentoring opportunities to achieve a successful future. 

Continuing the Historic Reduction in Crime

It’s important for the Bronx to continue to find new ways to keep residents safe. Advocates should respond to the needs of young people who are facing struggles, and use social workers, violence interrupters, give young people an opportunity to escape and give them a safe space to live productive lives. It is crucial that we create mentoring opportunities, mental health care, job training, resume building, school programs, and have a large presence in many of our communities.

In 2016 as Public Safety Chair, I was proud to work with my Colleagues in supporting the hiring of additional police officers which allowed the NYPD to create the Neighborhood Coordination Officer program. The NCO program is a new community-based approach to neighborhood-based policing that assigns NCO officers to build relationships with stakeholders in their particular Sector. I am proud that the NCO program has allowed residents to engage with their officers to address quality of life issues and establish improved partnerships.

We must continue to support the hard work and service of the men and women of the NYPD.  Efforts to continue recruitment in communities of color and opportunities for promotions at the Executive Level so the Department will reflect the diversity of our Borough and City.  

Holding Police Officers Accountable for Misconduct

As our police officers work to keep us safe, there are still many bad actors who put New Yorkers in danger through their conduct. All officers should be held accountable when they are found to have violated department policy or committed misconduct. There is room for holding officers accountable and making sure that residents feel safe. I will work with our local police precincts to create better symmetry between officers on the ground and those in the community that they are meant to protect.