The Issues

Making Housing Affordable & Keeping Tenants in Their Homes:

It’s getting harder and harder to pay rent and we face a shortage of housing across the city. I’ve secured thousands of units of affordable housing for my district so I know what it takes to bring more to the Bronx. I’ll continue to work to ensure that every tenant has legal representation to them should they face the possibility of eviction.

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Improving Our Schools

 I’ve fought my entire career to bring more funding to our schools and I’ll make sure the Bronx isn’t left behind. Students need up to date classrooms and facilities to succeed. I’ve been successful in making real capital improvements to our schools, but we must continue to ensure all students have access to technology in the age of remote learning.


Reforming Our Criminal
Justice System

We’ve seen the inequality that continues to exist in our criminal justice system. In the City Council, I’ve worked to usher in new reforms to increase transparency and hold police officers accountable. But we must continue to bring new ways of policing while keeping our streets safe for families.


Creating a Healthier Bronx

In New York, the Bronx comes in last place when it comes to our health. Together, we can change that by working to provide healthier food options, more public areas to get fit, and easier access to low cost, high quality health care.


Fixing Public Transportation

Our public transportation is falling apart, and Bronxites need better options for getting around. I’ll fight to ensure public transportation is adequately funded and that the money is used to make our trains and buses run on time and create new lines.

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Recovering from COVID-19

The pandemic has shown the healthcare inequities that exist in our city. I’ll work to create better healthcare options and new jobs while ensuring that our front line workers receive the benefits they deserve for keeping our city running. Now is the time to begin recovery and prepare for future events like this.