Fixing Public Transportation

We have an aging transportation system that fails to provide access for people with disabilities and we must expand more ADA-compliant stations, improve bus service and expand on dedicated bus lanes. With the addition of four new Metro-North stations, I will continue to advocate for capital funding for our transit system to better serve riders safely and efficiently.     

Making the MTA More Accessible

Much of our transit system fails to comply with ADA standards. As Borough President, I will advocate for additional elevators and ramps at transit stations so that people with disabilities can use our transit system efficiently, regularly, and safely. I will fight for ADA-compliant stations, encouraging the MTA to do more, faster. Inaccessible transit is an unnecessary burden for people with disabilities. Public transportation must be accessible to everyone. I will fight for projects that promote equity and equal access in transportation.

Improving Bus Service & Implementing Dedicated Bus Lanes

We must grow our bus system by improving the system’s efficiency and adding more dedicated bus lanes to our streets. As street traffic has increased over the years, buses have become slow and unreliable. With cars and taxis dominating the road, buses struggle to stay on schedule and cannot relieve the congestion seen on our streets. I will bring miles of dedicated bus lanes to the Bronx to repair our local transportation system. We must reclaim our buses to expand the usability of a crucial source of transportation for so many in the Borough. 

Increasing Capital Funding

In order to keep our borough moving we must continue to invest in capital projects like the expansion of MTA service to four new train stations in the East Bronx. Too often the Bronx is left behind or forgotten, but working with the city and state we can bring additional projects here that will make service more efficient. In addition to building more infrastructure, we must also maintain the transit system we have today, with station rehabilitation and track repairs to keep trains running smoothly. As Borough President I’ll make sure capital funding plans are put into action quickly and that our borough is not left waiting around for years after a project is announced.